Max en Eveline op weg

Over de zijderoute van Amersfoort naar Dalian.......

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Still making progress

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Also this weekend Max has been very busy preparing our Landy and I think he will need one more weekend to finish. Because our Landy was still in the garage, he had to wake up at 6 o'clock on saterday to travel bij public transport to our car. I'm looking forward to see the results. Especially the frontbumper with the winch (lier) and the new bonnet (motorkap)!! Meanwile I had to do my jobs to reduce my own to do list. So I'm still working on the visa etc. Saterday I had to promote the Commundo volunteer-holidays at the cycling tourism fair. But ofcourse I also took the change to look around myself, especially at the outdoorshops. I've bought a nice jacket and fleece from Nomad and we had a nice chat about our trip: they decided to sponsor us and therefore they'll send us some new Nomad-stickers for the Landy. It's not easy to shop for our trip because we've so many different wheatertypes to calculate with. From the 50 degrees celsius in the deserts of Turkmenistan and China til -10 degrees celsius on the top of the mountains or at nighttime in the Pamir or TIbet. Today I've to study my Chinese lessons; making my homework after a very short holidaybreak last week. Zaj jian!